Stainless Steel Pilsners & Martini Glasses for Giovanni’s

About This Project

Our friends at Giovanni’s in Fort Walton Beach came to us with a problem. Their pilsner glasses and their martini glasses used at their bar and restaurant were¬†frequently¬†broken. From customers dropping them to wait staff and the dishwashers mishandling the glasses, they were breaking way too often. The costs were adding up to thousands of dollars each year.

With a simple switch to stainless steel drinkware for their martini glasses and pilsner glasses, the breakage stopped. However, the problem now is that customers love these glasses so much, the stainless steel pilsners and martini glasses are disappearing from the restaurant. Now customers love them so much they are asking if they can buy them!

This stainless steel drinkware line is heavyweight and feels good in your hand. The stainless steel construction helps keep the drinks colder for longer than glass. Their logo is laser engraved on the outside of the glasses using a unique two-tone laser engraving method. Want to see the glasses for yourself? Stop by the bar at Giovanni’s One89 and order a martini or a draft beer.

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