Who We Are

Our team is made up of a group of creative-minded talents who are often a bit quarky, but highly effective in developing unique campaigns and customized products to fit your marketing needs.

We are a full service creative marketing agency to help promote the growth¬†of our clients. Creative marketing is a fancy name for “advertising agency,” however, have the stigma of being all about mass media without the technical knowledge of strategic customer acquisition. Therefore, we are a modern day advertising agency with a focus on delivering measurable results.

Gone are the days of simply batching out an ad to the masses and hoping for the best. Smart marketers understand the value of strategic targeting prospect whom they want to become clients. With this focused approach, you save money by avoiding unnecessary advertising to people who are not your target market.

Since 1999, Perfect Imprints has been doing things differently than the majority of their competitors in the advertising and promotional products industry. We began our company as an e-commerce company when most were avoiding it.

Before ecommerce was widely accepted, we saw online shopping and marketing as the way of the future and we embraced it. We take the same approach with our advertising agency services by staying current with the trends. Our advertising services services run deep and are filled with creativity. We don’t believe in doing things the same way they have always been done unless those ways definitively work!

Most advertising agency simply blast your message to the masses, which costs you more money than necessary and those methods have a very low conversion rate.

We prefer to be more strategic and highly target your potential customers so your message resonates better and converts more.

Since our inception, we continue to push into the future and help keep our clients above their competitors with new and unique advertising methods.

We believe in creating unique marketing campaigns that will meet your goals, which means measurable results.

Our approach begins with getting to know you, your company, and your needs. We follow up with a plan of attack that matches with your goals and your customer base.

We aren’t your traditional advertising agency that bangs out multiple streams of mass media with real ways of tracking your campaigns. Our approach is more personalized and targeted, which saves your money and delivers superior results.

Want to learn more about how we can help transform your marketing?