Online Ad Campaigns

Internet advertising is currently the second highest advertising spend in the U.S. and it is predicted to take over the number one spot (TV advertising) by 2019. With over $50 billion spent on online advertising, your company is losing a lot of sales if not advertising on the web.

One common misconception by businesses centers around the idea that companies who don’t sell online shouldn’t advertise online. This is so far from the truth. Most people who search for a business, product, or service do a search online to find a company. If you are not one of the first few results on the search page, you are missing opportunities.

Our team can help set up a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online campaign that targets specific keywords and keyword phrases that will drive potential leads to your company. We regularly monitor your campaigns to make sure costs are kept as low as possible while delivering targeted prospects to your landing page.

A key component for PPC advertising campaigns is to have an optimized landing page. When someone searches a phrase a Google and clicks on your ad, the page the land on is called the landing page. Simply directing them to your home page is not very effective. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for that visitor to find the information for which that person was searching. The landing page should be laser focused to meet the goal of the campaign.

For example, if someone searched the phrase, “DUI attorney Fort Walton Beach,” and the ad led to the home page that mainly referenced auto accident counsel, that visitor will have to now search through the website until they find information about DUI representation. Most visitors will not spend the time doing this. They will simply close your site and move on to the next.

This failed attempt costs your company money for which you won’t recuperate. On the other hand, if the landing page was all about DUI counsel with a quick and easy contact form for that person to fill out, you will convert a much higher percentage of visitors.

If your website doesn’t have a landing page that is optimized for your campaign, we can help create the optimal landing page that will help encourage the visitors to contact you for more info.

With PPC advertising campaigns, the click through rate is extremely important in how high your ads are shown as well as the cost of the ads. Click through rate is the ratio of your ads that are clicked in relation to the number of times they are shown (impressions). A higher click through rate results in higher rankings and a lower cost per ad, and vice versa. Modifications of the ad text and content must be modified on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the optimal click through rate, and ultimately the lowest cost per click.

When beginning a Pay-Per-Click campaign, we begin with thorough research. We start by making sure we have a firm understanding of your company services and/or products. We also research your competitors to determine any campaigns they are doing. Our research concludes with a list of possible keywords and keyword phrases to use to launch the campaign. After a pre-launch phone chat to make sure you approve the direction, we work on setting up the campaign to go live. On a weekly basis, we review the results and make modifications of the ad content to ensure the lowest possible PPC costs.