Social Media Ad Management

When utilized effectively, social media ad management can generate sales to increase the leads you collect from social platforms.

We have mastered the ad development & management process, to oversee various advertising activities & connect with a target market, ultimately intended to influence your consumer’s purchase decisions.  

How It Works

Step 1: Free Consultation!

In this consult, we will learn about your goals, plans, and branding. We will also help you determine the right audience & ad budget for you.

Step 2: Design Process

Following the consult, we will provide you with design samples for each campaign. After getting some feedback on the samples, we will provide you with the full design package for your campaigns. At this point, your account manager will note any revisions & feedback to perfect the designs. All designs used on your campaign are required to be approved by you, in writing.

At this time, you will only be billed for the setup fee, since social media ad management will not begin until after this process. This design process can last anywhere from 2-14 days, depending on revisions.

Step 3: The Setup

Upon receiving approval for the designs, we will begin setting up your ads. At this point, you would be billed for the first monthly management fee & ad spend. The setup process takes up to 48 hours, then social media platform companies will take up to 48 hours for their review.

Step 4: The Launch

Following the platform review process, your ads will automatically launch & be visible to your target audience.

Step 5: The Management

At this time, your account manager will begin regularly optimizing your ads. You will be provided monthly reports & revisions to your campaigns can be made at any time through your account manager.

For any questions, contact us below!