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There are many shady characters in the world of web design. This same statement can be said about every single other industry as well, but this blog focuses on the topic of website designers. A True But Not Too Uncommon Website Disaster A few years ago, a client...

When looking for a website design in the Fort Walton Beach or Destin area, there is no shortage of companies from which to choose. However, choosing wisely is critical. If your website does not start off search engine friendly, your site will not be at...

Graphic design is something we take seriously. At the root of every marketing campaign, graphic design firmly stands. A marketing campaign without professional graphic design is like building a house without a firm foundation. Graphic design should incorporate your company identity into the designs so
First of all, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization - Simply stated, this is doing everything correctly to make sure your website ranks high on the search engines, particularly Google. While many aspects of SEO work are a mystery only known by select employees at

A common misconception for business owners, is that their website is of minimal importance since they don't "sell online." This is particularly a common thought among owners of small businesses. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Think about your own behavior. What do you do...

How do you stand out in a sea of competitors? Even in your own local city, you may have dozens of competitors. In order to gain your market share needed to grow your business, your company has to boldly stand apart from your many competitors. But...

Did you know there is actually a town named Boring? It's in Northwest Oregon. The town population has dropped from 12,851 (2000 census) to 7,726 (2010 census) in a ten-year span. I guess people aren't interested in