Direct Mail

Direct mail is a fantastic way to reach prospective clients in a non-invasive way. There are multiple strategies with direct mail including mass mailing, “lumpy” mail, and strategic targeting.

Mass Mailing

Mass mailing is a great way to introduce a new business, new product, or new service to the community. It’s not effective for all types of businesses, but it can work very well for restaurants, retail, service-based businesses, and for event marketing. Thanks to the United States Postal Services (USPS), their Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), we can target specific postal routes to deliver an over-sized postcard to every residence and business on that route. The EDDM postage is much less than a standard first class letter. In fact, it’s about HALF the cost of the standard postage for a postcard.

This incredibly cost-effective method of mass mailing makes it very affordable to advertise to a large audience. With the oversized postcard, your mail will be the largest piece in the recipients’ mailboxes, so it will be noticed FIRST! Our creative design team will help create the perfect postcard design.

Strategic Targeting

One highly effective way of gaining new appointments and new clients is to be strategic in who you target through the mail. If you mass target, the amount you can spend on each target is lower than if you narrowed down your list to those “ideal” clients. By narrowing down a list to only those who are most likely to need your services, you can spend a much higher amount per prospect to create an amazing marketing piece that will show your creativity and interest them in meeting with you to discuss a business relationship.

Lumpy Mail

The concept of lumpy mail plays on the natural curiosity of the recipients. Lumpy mail means that there is something bulky inside an envelope. As the lumpy envelope is pulled from the mailbox, excitement immediate ensues. What could be in the envelope? Will it be something great? This instantly warms up the recipient to your “advertising.” Inside the package will be a useful and branded promotional product boasting your company logo. Along with the promotional product will be a strategically developed piece flyer or brochure that focuses on the goal of your campaign. Lumpy mail can be extremely effective since people love to receive packages!