Business Email Hosting

Business email addresses are more trusted when they utilize your website domain. This shows professionalism and helps instill trust for potential clients. Too many businesses use gmail, Yahoo, or emails from their internet service provider as their primary business email.

This shows that your company is not vested in doing business electronically, such as through email or the web. Business class email hosting is a minimal cost to help increase your overall professionalism. We can help you with basic email hosting all the way up to Microsoft Exchange for your entire company.

For a more complete solution, we can help you with Office 365 accounts, which include Microsoft Exchange email accounts for your employees. Office 365 allows not only business mailboxes, but the convenience of easily sharing documents, cloud storage, downloading of the latest Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This also gives you the ability for interoffice chats through Skype For Business.