Professional Web Hosting

Web hosting is very important to the success of your website. Business class hosting is a must for your website. Web hosting doesn’t have to be a major expense, however, the ultra cheap web hosts out there come with a hidden price that is very costly.

How many really successful websites can you name that use GoDaddy to host their site? Probably very few to none. That’s because Google and other search engines are smart. They understand that companies who fail to invest in their websites do not deserve to rank high in the search engines. GoDaddy hosted websites are seen as “hobby” sites. These are sites for people who don’t care much about their website, but they wanted something on the web as quickly and cheaply as possible.

We host in a fully managed, business class hosting facility with frequent website backups and continual monitoring of equipment. Security and encryption is a top priority; therefore, your data and any customer data is as safe as possible. Our eCommerce stores are PCI compliant and do not store sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

Fast web hosting is key factor for your website ranking highly with Google. Our services are extremely fast and can be upgraded as necessary to help increase the speed of your website. Speed of your website is a high priority for us to ensure the success of your site.