Strategic Targeting

One highly effective way of gaining new appointments and new clients is to be strategic in who you target through the mail. If you mass target, the amount you can spend on each target is lower than if you narrowed down your list to those “ideal” clients. By narrowing down a list to only those who are most likely to need your services, you can spend a much higher amount per prospect to create an amazing marketing piece that will show your creativity and interest them in meeting with you to discuss a business relationship.

New client acquisition should be at the top of every business plan. Who is your ideal client? How do you get in contact with prospects? These questions must be answered before attempting to create a strategic plan.

We love to target your ideal clients through delivery of creative custom kits that show why your company is the best at what it does.

Your ideal client may be defined by the type of business, their job title, company size, age, region, and many other factors. Once this information is identified, we can help acquire the right list of prospects who best fit your definition of the ideal client. By advertising only to the right clients, your time is spent more wisely and your conversion from prospect to client is significantly increased.

After this research phase of identifying your ideal prospects, now the plan of how to execute your approach comes next. Because non-qualified prospects have been eliminated from your list, the amount you can spend for marketing to each prospect can be significantly increased. With the ability to create a premium gift to warm up your prospects before contacting them by

phone, your chances of “wowing” them have greatly increased. This provides a positive foundation to begin your pitch.

Follow-up is a critical component of sending strategic mailings which include premium promotional products. After delivery of your introduction package, follow-up with a phone is the first step. From there, you can set an in-person appointment, move them along the sales funnel, or close the deal.