Our Process

1. The Vision

The first step we take with every client is to have a free consultation, in which we discuss your branding, your company, and exactly what you’re looking for. After this consult, you’ll receive a quote for our services.

2. The Design

Our team will now begin focusing on the designs of your marketing. Depending on your project, you may receive a varying amount of design samples or site demos.

Once you receive these design samples, we move to on to:

3. The Copy

Once you get design samples, our graphic designers will begin making revisions according to your feedback.

Meanwhile, our copywriting team will begin developing the text and necessary templates for your project. For projects like social media ads, this process is short (usually less than 2 business days). For web development & email marketing, this process can take longer.

4. The Presentation

Now that all designs and copy are complete, we will present you with a final review of your project. At this point, we will take your feedback & make any necessary edits.

5. The Launch

Your project is now live to the public & ready to give you the ROI you’re looking for!