11″ x 17″ Tabloid Posters for Swordy Shootout Fishing Tournament

Sign Design
fishing, posters
About This Project

Each year, Boshamps hosts the Swordy Shootout, which raises thousands of dollars for local charities. Fishermen from all over the Emerald Coast flock to this tournament because like their other fishing tournament, the Destin Flathead Classic, it is well-done. In order to attract the most people possible, 11″ x 17″ tabloid posters are created each year to post around various locations. These posters are a critical part of spreading the word about the fishing tournament. When Boshamps needed these posters in a hurry to start promoting their tournament, we were able to print them and have them ready for pickup the next day.

The opportunity for prizes is HUGE for the Swordy shootout. The giveaways are great. Those who enter will receive a bucket full of goodies including a high-quality tournament t-shirt. The tournament is full of friendly competition and fun. And to top it off, after a long couple of days of fishing, you get to end the tournament eating the best food in Destin while enjoying an amazing view of the Destin Harbor.