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About This Project

When founder and President of Jobs4U, Beth Ostroff, came to us, her new non-profit was in its infancy. She knew a great website was important to be successful, which is why she trusted us with the crucial task.

This is the mission statement for Jobs4U: “Jobs4U will teach the skills needed to individuals to enhance vocational independence and promote growth within the community.”

Since their inception in October 2016, they have trained numerous individuals who have learned important life skills to not only gain employment, but also learned skills for self-employment.

During their training, they create many unique gift items and sell them in their Just4U Gift Store. Be sure to visit the store unique gifts. It is located at 420 Green Acres, Suite 1,
Fort Walton Beach, FL. You can also view some of their handmade gift items for sale in their online gift shop.

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