How Real Graphic Designers Can Transform Your Marketing

Benefits of Using a Real Graphic Designer

How Real Graphic Designers Can Transform Your Marketing

Graphic design is something we take seriously. At the root of every marketing campaign, graphic design firmly stands. A marketing campaign without professional graphic design is like building a house without a firm foundation.

Graphic design should incorporate your company identity into the designs so your company culture is seen in the design. That means if you company is known for humor, your design should relay that same trait.

What is a graphic designer?

This seems like a silly question, however, being involved in our local community and chamber of commerce, I occasionally meet people claiming to be a graphic designer. When I research them a bit more, I find out they don’t have a formal education (i.e. a bachelors or higher in design). It turns out so many of these self-proclaimed designers have learned how to tinker around with Photoshop enough to fool the suckers who hire them.

Formal training for graphic designers is a huge asset because they are trained on many concepts such as proportion, scale, spacial relations, color, and much more. Without a proper education, these concepts are foreign and not incorporated into the design. These concepts help make your designs for advertisements, websites, brochures, and other collateralĀ more effective.

Designing for print

Many stand alone graphic designers have no clue how their digital design translates to print. Digital designs which you see on the computer screen are high resolution and can be very detailed. These are great for web graphics and in most cases for full color printing on paper stock such as business cards and brochures. However, if you use that graphic for t-shirt design or printing on promotional items, it will not work well, leaving you with a grainy and disappointing final product. That’s why experience with designing for print and actually fulfilling that order is the best option to ensure your design is perfect or the medium used.

One design can’t be used for all different mediums. The printing process for the various mediums must be taken into consideration for a positive outcome.

What graphic designers can’t learn in school

Over the years of hiring the top graphic designers in the Fort Walton Beach and Destin areas, we have learned no matter how great a designer’s formal education was, they can’t be taught creativity. The top designers have an innate sense about them well before they decided to go through design school.

While creativity can certainly be exercised, it is a skill that the many graphic designers I’ve met are lacking. Creativity is thinking of new ways to showcase a design. Whether it is a new perspective, a new medium, or killer design process, this creativity is the key to powerful design.

Do you need graphic design services?

Design fuels successful marketing. Our passion in delivering extraordinary graphic design shows in our work. It also shows in the bottom line forĀ our clients. It lives in our core values as a company, by which we operate on a daily basis. We love design beyond all else, because we understand the importance.

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