What is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

First of all, what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – Simply stated, this is doing everything correctly to make sure your website ranks high on the search engines, particularly Google. While many aspects of SEO work are a mystery only known by select employees at Google, there are quite a few factors we DO know. By satisfying the requirements we do know, we can see positive SEO results for our clients.

The Value of First Page Listings

If you want new prospects visiting your website, your site must rank high in the search engines. If your website isn’t on the first page for searches, you will miss 90% of the search opportunities. With less than 10% of web searchers going to the second page and beyond, a first page listing should be a top priority.

Most prospects looking to purchase products and services begin with a simple web search. 90% of them research the companies they find on the first page of the search results. When they find a website they feel is trustworthy and one that provides the information they are looking for, they typically do one of four actions.

  1. They make the purchase online (if available).
  2. They call the company for more details.
  3. They call to make a purchase or schedule service.
  4. They visit your store with intent to purchase.

If your competitors are ranking higher than your website, you are missing opportunities and must take action immediately.

Is SEO For Your Company?

If part of your business strategy includes customers seeking your services for hire, then YES, SEO is for you. SEO is for small businesses and large corporations alike. It is a particularly important part of the marketing puzzle for small businesses to stay relevant within the sea of competitors.

Whether a one-person company or large corporation, SEO should be a steadfast part of your marketing plan. Since the late 1990’s, internet usage continues to grow month over month with over 3.675 billion people online. That’s roughly half the world population and roughly 89% of Americans online every single month.

A high ranking website is the fastest way to grow your company.

SEO Strategies

Proper SEO revolves around several proven strategies.

  1. High Quality Content – Articles, blogs, online resources, testimonials, videos, photos, and other content are extremely effective in gaining high rankings.
  2. Incoming Links – When high quality websites which are related to your site link to your pages, your website gains more authority on that subject matter. Receiving links from unrelated sites is not helpful. If your website is consistently publishing high quality content, relevant incoming links is typically a byproduct.
  3. Clickthrough Rate (CTR) – This is simply the percentage of clicks on a search listing in comparison to the number of times that listing is shown to searchers. For example, if your website shows up in a Google search 100 times and it receives 5 clicks, the CTR is 5%. The higher your CTR, the higher probability your rankings will rise.
  4. On-Page Optimization – The content on each web page should be descriptive and well-written for page topic. Content should always be written for humans to read and NOT for search engines. Meta titles (the text shown on the browser tab) is extremely important and should be relevant to the page content. The alt tags for should also be relevant to the page content. Alt tags is the descriptive text shown if the picture doesn’t fully download.
  5. Social Media Sharing – Like it or not, a strong social media strategy is a must. Nearly all high ranking sites have active social media pages that share related content as seen on their websites.

SEO work is never complete. It takes a consistent strategy to compete for top rankings. Once you achieve high rankings, you must continue to publish new useful and relevant content in order to maintain high rankings. To do this it takes a lot of time.

That’s where we come in. We manage your SEO and work to achieve high rankings for your site.

We cultivate a personalized strategy for your website through detailed research, competitor analysis, and a written SEO plan tailored to your company goals and objectives.

Why Go With Perfect Imprints?

There are dozens of companies in the Destin and Fort Walton Beach areas who claim to understand SEO. However, if you analyze their websites, you see their sites fail to rank high on Google.

Our own promotional products site, perfectimprints.com, has thousands of first page rankings and generates well over a $1.2 million per year in sales because we understand SEO.

Bottom line: You can trust us because we live SEO everyday. It’s how our business thrives and we use those same techniques to help your website rank high, which ultimately helps your business grow.

How Do I Get Started?

We don’t accept all clients for SEO work. We only accept clients who we believe we can help.

If your current website isn’t built on a search engine friendly platform, we won’t take on your project. We won’t take on websites hosted on GoDaddy and other cheap hosting platforms because it is extremely rare that sites hosted with cheap hosts will rank high.

Other factors include the amount of competition for competing keyword rankings. Some industries are extremely competitive and successful SEO campaigns can be very expensive due to an exorbitant amount of time needed to work the campaign. However, high competition is very rare for local SEO and is more of a concern for national SEO campaigns.

Solutions to these two problems include a search engine friendly website redesign and business class web hosting on our server. These are two key factors in predicting the success of your SEO campaign, along with competitor competition.

If you want to see if you quality as an SEO Client for us, fill out the form below. We will analyze your site and get back with you ASAP to let you know whether or not we believe we can help you and an estimated price for SEO work.

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