Your Website Matters, A Lot, Especially For Small Businesses

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Your Website Matters, A Lot, Especially For Small Businesses

A common misconception for business owners, is that their website is of minimal importance since they don’t “sell online.”

This is particularly a common thought among owners of small businesses. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think about your own behavior. What do you do when you are want to hire someone for a service for your home or when you want to buy a product? Of course, you go to Google or your favorite search engine. You research companies. You compare pricing. You read reviews. The information you find on their websites help you formulate a decision about which company you will call for a quote or call to hire.

Forget About DIY Websites

A professional website design is a must-have sales tool. If your website looks bad or outdated, potential new clients will move on to the next website that gives them a feeling of trust. DIY websites are common among new businesses and very small businesses, however, they may be hurting you more than you think. While you may design a great looking website from a template from Wix or GoDaddy, those sites are not going to function well in the search engines. These cheap hosting companies target small businesses who don’t understand the importance of a website that functions well with Google. If you want a hobby site, go with the cheap site. If you want a business site, professional hosting and design is critical.

Content is King

Regular updates are important to not only keep your customers and potential customers in the loop, but also to keep Google coming back to your site so you will rank higher in searches. The “Content is King” phrases has been thrown around for years and that’s because Google has made it clear they are looking for sites publishing relevant, useful, unique, and interesting content. If you are not publishing content on a regular basis, you can forget about ranking high with Google.

Goal-Oriented Web Design

Our approach with web design is much different than other companies. We focus on both your goals and an overall branding strategy for your company. Because we offer a complete suite of advertising and branding services, our total approach ensures consistency with your branding and a laser focus on your company goals. We ensure the proper message is cohesive across all of your advertising mediums.

Some people want their website generating online sales. Some want phone calls. Some want email form submissions. We concentrate the focus of the site to funnel your visitors to meet your goals and ultimately increase your profitability.

Your website should not be an expense. It is an investment. If you invest with the wrong company, you can’t really call it an investment because you will be throwing away your money. Our approach will help make your goals a reality.

Your Website Should Be Trustworthy

Professional branding is a key component to developing trust from the start of a client relationship. Consumers instantly trust known brands with whom they have never done business. This trust factor phenomenon isn’t only for big brands though. Even small businesses can develop a strong brand in their local region, community, or neighborhood. Branding is a concept that must be at the root of every advertising and marketing piece you do. That includes radio, TV, web, print, logo design, and your company apparel.

How To Get Started

A stylish and well-functioning website is a must for any business who wants to grow and prosper. Our goals are to align our strategies with your goals to further your success. To get started, fill out the simple form below and one of our web design specialists will be in touch very soon.

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